Entrepreneur Lab's Vision

We are determined to make a difference by building South Africa into a constantly better nation through doing what we know best – developing and building entrepreneurial businesses. This ethos underpins our value system, our thinking and our obsession. We firmly believe that entrepreneurship is a vital key to a successful South Africa. People must become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs must start businesses and businesses must succeed. Entrepreneurs must sell their businesses well and strive to succeed.


Meet the Founder

  • Steve Masters is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) with vast experience in Business Development, Financial Services, Project Management and Information Technology.
  • Steve is founder of ENTREPRENEURLAB.CO.ZA , a South African based recommendation subscription website that provides Business advise and tips to all entrepreneurs and general business owners via specific Web based technologies.

History & Focus

EntrepreneurLab.co.za was born in 2011 from a genesis of starting, investing and building small businesses into medium sized businesses and selling them. We have developed a passion for SME development as well as a complete understanding of the startup process.

What kind of idea can become a business? How do you start up the business in a competitive environment with few resources? How do you get the right people to help you? How do you deal with your own psychology in the process? How do you stabilize the business and grow it without it falling over? How do you sell the business and truly do well?